I help clients develop powerful video communication strategies and execute them efficiently.

Cheeky rule of thumb: If you’re using video the same way you were even just five years ago, chances are you’re missing out on (great) communication potential.

Video has evolved immensely as a medium in recent years: On the one hand, tech evolutions in recording gear have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for much more lean, cost-effective and efficient high-quality video production. On the other hand, the ways in which we can share our videos with audiences —and have them interact with them— have exploded. In fact, so many new opportunities for using the medium have become available in the 2010s, that we can confidently say we have entered a whole new era in video communication.

As a video communication consultant, I help clients tap into the tools’ vast potential today to achieve their communication goals through
• effective video communication strategies
• and efficient video production and campaign execution.

I do so by offering
• Video communication strategy consulting and resources
• Video production services
• Campaign execution services (incl. meaningful impact measurement)

I focus on corporate communications. With Group Videography®, I developed a special service offering for the challenges of internal communications. Other areas of special expertise include:
• Marketing
• Crisis communication
• Change Management

Selected cases

Increase in pro-active cross-divisional collaboration through videography-based team videos

  • 500+ team members across EMEA introduced and connected
  • Knowledge shared across the organisation, engaged with by every team member
  • Organisational culture traits strategically reinforced to retain and attract talent

Corning Inc.
Newly acquired division introduced to 50.000+ employees using contemporary video language

  • Role and context of new division poignantly conveyed
  • Meaningful emotional connection to new colleagues forged
  • Actual productive cross-divisional employee connections enabled on the spot thanks to the innovative use of in-video links
Corning Inc.

Employee engagement inspired through organization-wide contribution recognition

  • Team given a video platform to show off their contributions
  • Motivation and inspiration spread across the organization
  • Bonus: Best practices and insights shared with the organization

Having spent more than a decade in various video- and communication roles, I rely on the combination of my expert grip on the medium with strong communication skills and business acumen to solve my clients’ challenges (see testimonials). My previous clients include Adobe, Allianz, Corning Inc., and the Tate Museum. I have worked for the BBC, Constantin Entertainment and the Discovery channel. Additionally, I have worked as a videographer ever since I left school. This work keeps me “in the trenches”, as it were, and allows me to communicate what is important to me, personally (see sebastianm18.sg-host.com/videography).

Selected Testimonials:

Matthias Starke, Head of Adobe Consulting EMEA:
In 2017 we started to produce videos about our organization, the people, places, projects and other interesting topics. The goal was to strengthen our identity and to share our ‘Adobe life’ amongst our group and beyond. Sebastian has done a tremendous job, creating the concept, the common ‘language’ and of course the wonderful videos. I enjoyed working with Sebastian very much. His creativity, dedication, sensitivity and professionalism are outstanding. I would highly recommend him.

Michael Müller, Managing Director, Corning Laser Technologies:
“Sebastian is a master of his craft and how to use the medium video effectively. […] The use of state-of-the-art video recording technology reduced the time investment and business disruption required for the shoot to an absolute minimum. […] Everyone who has seen the video is convinced it will achieve the desired business impact. […] The quality of the finished videos is perfect, all requirements and desired changes were implemented promptly. The collaboration was excellent. […] We are very satisfied with […] how prompt and reliable his communication was during the development process and how professionally he handled the work on site. It was a pleasure to work with him – anytime again!”

“Sebastian […] translated our verbally communicated goals into a perfect concept presentation which made it significantly easier to get the buy-in from our internal marketing division for the project at hand.” – Astrid Blum, Sales & Marketing, Corning Incorporated

About me

I think what defines me most as a person, outside of my relationships, is my deep connection with the arts. I try to spend at least an hour or two each day immersed in literature, music or film. It grounds me in life, frees me up from everyday tangles and nourishes my mind. And I’m convinced it greatly helps with my professional work. In 2018, for example, I spent three months studying Greek mythology in Greece, by travelling to the museums and sites and reading the poets. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence some of my most fruitful thoughts regarding the impactful use of video in corporate comms bubbled up during this time. Which leads me to another important defining characteristic of mine: I am a great advocate of interdisciplinary learning and holistic perspectives. I am deeply interested in other people’s approaches to their work and lives. Which is why, after work, if I’m not spending time with those close to me, in my art bubble or playing tennis, you might very well find me on Youtube watching every video I can on Eliud Kipchoge’s philosophies on the marathon. Or watching a Day-in-the-life of a politician. Or a cook. Or reading someone’s diary (published, of course, officially…). Or… watching comedy. Which does not seem to have rubbed off on me. This is painfully clear, and I apologize for the lame diary joke. — In any case, I like to think my wide-spread curiosity helps me in my professional ambition, which is to make the most out of video applications available today to help affect meaningful change in people’s lives. It’s such a great, powerful medium — so let’s use it to make life better, one project at a time!