I help clients develop powerful video communication strategies and execute them efficiently.


Cheeky rule of thumb: If you’re using video the same way you were even just five years ago, chances are you’re missing out on (great) communication potential.

Video has evolved immensely as a medium in recent years: On the one hand, tech evolutions in recording gear have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for much more lean, cost-effective and efficient high-quality video production. On the other hand, the ways in which we can share our videos with audiences —and have them interact with them— have exploded. In fact, so many new opportunities for using the medium have become available since the 2010s, that we can confidently say we have entered a whole new era in video communication.

As a video communication consultant, I help clients tap into the tools’ vast potential today to achieve their communication goals through

  • effective video communication strategies
  • and efficient video production and campaign execution.


This entails navigating the abundance of choice to determine not just what content to use, but also how to produce the videos, how to integrate them into your channel mix and how to distribute and present them for maximum communication impact. And, crucially, how to gauge their impact in meaningful terms.

I focus on corporate communications. With Group Videography®, I offer a specialized service offering for internal communications.

Selected Testimonials:

Matthias Starke, Head of Adobe Consulting EMEA:
I enjoyed working with Sebastian very much. His creativity, dedication, sensitivity and professionalism are outstanding. I would highly recommend him.

Michael Müller, Managing Director, Corning Laser Technologies:
“Sebastian is a master of his craft and how to use the medium video effectively.