February 2017


Vadodara, India was the hometown of the celebrated Indian artist Bhupen Khakhar, who passed away in 2003. Interested in where his art came from, I decided to travel there to capture the elements of Indian street life Bhupen would have experienced daily. Since the ordinary people were an important aspect of his work, I was anxious to see how they would feel about me filming them. It turned out not to be a problem, as you can see in this video. The man in the pink shirt took me under his wing and pulled me through the Bazaar, telling, or, more accurately, ordering each vendor to be filmed by “The German”. It took me 2 hours to get through the 100m long bazaar. 2 hours and about 10 chai teas later I found myself in a Tuktuk on my way to interview the master painter Gulammohamed Sheikh on Bhupen’s artistic development. Mr. Sheikh was one of Bhupen’s closest friends and played a major role in the formation of his as an artist. In the upcoming video he tells the story of how Bhupen Khakhar the chartered accountant became Bhupen Khakahr the artist.