About Roi Kuper:

Born in 1956, Israeli photographer Roi Kuper has been working in the photographic medium since the mid 1980’s , philosophically exploring and investigating its nature both in black and white and in color work. Roi Kuper has exhibited solo exhibitions over the years, both in Israel and abroad, among them “Ashdod” at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1996), “Necropolis” at the Tate Modern, London (2001), and “Citrus” at the Herzliya Museum of Art, Israel (2001). In 2015 the Israel Museum exhibited his series on the Gaza Strip, “Gaza Dream”. Among the prizes he received are The Jewish Cultural Art Award, London and the Leon Constantiner Prize. Roi Kuper is also the head of the multidisciplinary Shenkar Art College, Ramat-Gan.

ROI KUPER PORTRAIT: The Significance of Places

Roi Kuper is not one to shy away from photographing politically charged subjects. He takes me to the Gaza Strip to show me where he shot for his 2014 project Gaza Dreams. Our filming is interrupted by a large group of soldiers who send us away. But we only leave under Roi’s heavy verbal protest. “They can’t just take over any place they want, you know”, he tells me. In the video Roi talks about what historically burdened places mean to him and how he uses Photography as a vehicle to explore those meanings.

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A QUICK WORD ON teaching students how to approach a subject.

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We went on a trip to the edge of the Gaza Strip while filming for Roi’s Portrait.