Group Videography®: Strategic video solutions for internal communications.

I help internal communicators leverage the full potential of video today within their strategies to achieve communication goals and, ultimately, have the business impact they are looking for.

Client impact story:
Sebastian is a master of his craft and how to use the medium video effectively. He quickly had a clear idea of how to realise our project technically. The use of state-of-the-art video recording technology reduced the time investment and business disruption required for the shoot to an absolute minimum. Sebastian understood very quickly what is important to us for our internal communications and what the heart of the matter at hand was. He translated our verbally communicated goals into a perfect concept presentation which made it significantly easier to get the buy-in from our internal marketing division for the project at hand. Everyone who has seen the video is convinced it will achieve the desired business impact. From the start Sebastian showed an in-depth understanding of our particular internal communication challenges and provided befitting proposals for how video could help to overcome these. The quality of the finished videos is perfect, all requirements and desired changes were implemented promptly. The collaboration was excellent. Our conclusion is positive through and through. We are very satisfied with the way Sebastian implemented our requirements, how prompt and reliable his communication was during the development process and how professionally he handled the work on site. It was a pleasure to work with him – anytime again!” – Michael Müller, Managing Director Corning Laser Technologies 

In 2017 we started to produce videos about our organization, the people, places, projects and other interesting topics. The goal was to strengthen our identity and to share our ‘Adobe life’ amongst our group and beyond. Sebastian has done a tremendous job, creating the concept, the common ‘language’ and of course the wonderful videos. I enjoyed working with Sebastian very much. His creativity, dedication, sensitivity and professionalism are outstanding. I would highly recommend him.” – Matthias Starke, Head of Adobe Consulting EMEA

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