Short video profiles of artists in the context of their work.

LJUBO DE KARINA – The Artist and his Surroundings

The Croatian sculptor Ljubo de Karina has never stayed away from his small home town of Brsec for more than a month or two. His sculptures are literally and metaphysically linked to his place of birth. In this video the great sculptor reflects on his surroundings and the role they have played in his life and in his work.

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Conceptual Artist GABI KRICHELI – The Tobacco Field Project

Israeli artist Gabi Kricheli explains why the image of a tobacco field has haunted him ever since he left the army and how it prompted him to plant a tobacco field in his studio to film a nature documentary in it.

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ROI KUPER PORTRAIT: The Significance of Places

Roi Kuper is not one to shy away from photographing politically charged subjects. He takes me to the Gaza Strip to show me where he shot for his 2014 project Gaza Dreams. Our filming is interrupted by a large group of soldiers who send us away. But we only leave under Roi’s heavy verbal protest. “They can’t just take over any place they want, you know”, he tells me. In the video Roi talks about what historically burdened places mean to him and how he uses Photography as a vehicle to explore those meanings.

Born in 1956, Israeli photographer Roi Kuper has been working since the mid 1980’s in the photographic medium, philosophically exploring and investigating its nature both in black and white and in color work. Roi Kuper has exhibited solo exhibitions over the years, both in Israel and abroad, among them “Ashdod” at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (1996), “Necropolis” at the Tate Modern, London (2001), and “Citrus” at the Herzliya Museum of Art, Israel (2001). In 2015 the Israel Museum exhibited his series on the Gaza Strip, “Gaza Dream”. Among the prizes he received are The Jewish Cultural Art Award, London and the Leon Constantiner Prize. Roi Kuper is also the headmaster of the multidisciplinary Shenkar College, Ramat-Gan.

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IDO BAR-EL PORTRAIT: Everything is Interesting

Driving to Ido Bar-El’s studio on a busy, hot August day in Tel Aviv he spots a pile of thrown out furniture at the side of the road. “I try to take a different way to the studio every day”, he tells me, “I am always keeping my eyes open for new objects to paint on.”

Bar-El was born in 1959 and studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem during the 1980s. Since then he has established himself as one of the forefront painters of Israel. His paintings are characterized by the use of unique base materials: road and street signs, random furniture parts or discarded old machinery. As he meanders around the streets of his home city, Tel Aviv, he finds and gathers items and takes them back to his studio. There he transforms the mundane objects into pieces of art. His work is exhibited in Israel and abroad. Throughout his career he has received the major Israeli art prizes, amongst them the The Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter in 2014. He also heads the fine arts department of the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem.

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