Video’s potential today
at your fingertips
to align your divisions’ mindsets and behaviour
toward the pursuit of the goals
of your organization as a whole.

Silo mentality is human nature in larger organizations, but it is not inevitable.

Your communication strategies alone make the difference. With Group Videography® I offer an innovative set of video services to strategically strengthen and build cross-divisional bonds, set the tone for collaboration and cooperation and break manifestations of silo mentality in your organization.

The Group Videography® approach was born out of a grounds-up re-design of how video can be used in this space by looking at today’s video production opportunities and popular language’s merits. 

As a videographer, I make use of recent technological evolutions in the field of video production to create cinema quality videos as a one-man band. This approach enables me to offer you a single point of contact set of video services which 

– makes video easy for you to use, a viable, efficient and practical tool in your IC tool belt

– and unlocks the most effective and precise video language in this space to date. 

Schedule a 30 minute call to find out how today’s video can bring you measurably closer to the collaborative, aligned organizational culture you are looking for to reach your long- and short term business goals:


In 2017 we started to produce videos about our organisation, the people, places, projects and other interesting topics. The goal was to strengthen our identity and to share our ‘Adobe life’ amongst our group and beyond. Sebastian has done a tremendous job, creating the concept, the common ‘language’ and of course the wonderful videos. I enjoyed working with Sebastian very much. His creativity, dedication, sensitivity and professionalism are outstanding. I would highly recommend him.” – Matthias Starke, Head of Adobe Consulting EMEA


“I met Sebastian when he was making documentaries on ‘a day of a life of a consultant’. Of course I have/had no ambition to be an actor, so I was unclear how this would go. Sebastian guided me through the whole process, with an outstanding result. During the whole filming process Sebastian put a very natural position on, so I could really be myself. It was really a pleasure to work together.” – Feike Visser, EMEA Practice Lead, Adobe